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How to Move a Purple Mattress® And More Tips for Moving Mattresses

July 17, 20235 min read

Those who are using portable storage to aid with their move, and those who aren’t, might choose to try to tackle moving their Purple Mattress® without the help of professional movers. It is completely do-able, especially when you’re using a portable storage unit that is at ground level. You can move mattress and anything else into them much simpler than moving vehicles or storage units that sit above ground level and have long ramps to get into.

So how do you move a Purple Mattress® and what else do you need to know to make this part of your move go smoothly? Here is our comprehensive guide (note that the instructions work for plenty of other kinds of mattress too.)

How to Move a Purple Mattress®

Moving your mattress is simple when you have the right tools. We recommend that you have:

  • Mattress bag 

  • Dolly 

  • Ratchet straps 

Here are the steps to moving your mattress:

  • Clear around the mattress: Ensure that you have the room you need to maneuver and the path is clear right to your storage unit. 

  • Prepare the mattress: Strip the mattress of its pillows, blankets, and sheets. Get the mattress inside of a mattress bag and, optionally, tape it for security. 

  • Use the dolly: Place the mattress on the dolly. You may need help with this!

  • Load the mattress: Using the dolly, walk the mattress to your portable storage unit. If there are stairs, you may need to take the mattress off the dolly and gently slide it down the staircase. 

  • Secure the mattress: When it is inside of your portable unit, you may want to secure the mattress with racket straps. Although, depending on how you have packed the unit, this may be unnecessary. 

  • Remove and deliver the mattress: Follow the same procedure to get your mattress to its new bedroom.  

How Do You Reroll a Purple Bed?

When you bought your Purple Mattress®, it arrives rolled up into a tight cylinder. Compression made it much smaller than it is now, unfurled. While it would be nice to reroll your mattress for your move, or just to relocate the bed to another room, you can’t. The manufacturer achieves this small roll with a special machine. Instead of rolling it, a Purple bed needs to be moved just like any other mattress, as it is. 

How Heavy is a Purple King Mattress?

There are many different types of Purple Mattresses, and each weighs differently. At the king size, the mattresses weigh the following: 

  • Purple Mattress®: 140 lbs (true in king and California king sizes)

  • NewDay Mattress: 95 pounds

  • Purple Plus Mattress: 140 lbs (California king is 144 lbs)

  • Hybrid: 149 lbs (California king is 148 lbs)

  • Hybrid Premier with 3-inches: 176 lbs (California king is 175 lbs)

  • Hybrid Premier with 4-inches: 204 lbs (California king is 202 lbs)

  • Luxe Deluxe Mattress: 183 lbs (California king is 188 lbs)

  • Luxe Supreme Mattress: 221 lbs (California king is 222 lbs)

  • Luxe Grand Mattress: 278 lbs 

How to Move a Mattress Up Stairs 

In general, moving a mattress up stairs involves laying it on one of the long sides, and then either pushing or pulling the mattress up the stairs. While some can carry the mattress, this does place a lot of weight on the person who is at the bottom of your stairs (remember to lift with your legs.) Most prefer to take advantage of a bagged mattress, which has a slippery enough surface to slide up most staircases. One person should be at the top guiding the mattress while the person or people below push. If you like, you can attach rope to the mattress and then pull it up the stairs instead. 

How Do You Get a Mattress Up Narrow Stairs?

If your mattress cannot fit up your stairs, you have a few options. You could remove the stairs and then use a pulley to get the mattress up to the second floor, but few people are prepared to do that, and the mattress may still be too wide to fit depending on the staircase. If there is a wide enough window on the second floor, you can instead use the pulley or other equipment to get the mattress up. If there isn’t, your only real choice is to buy a split bed. In queen and king sizes, many mattresses and their box springs or other supports are sold in two parts, each of which is much narrower and simpler to get up the stairs. 

How to Store a Purple Mattress® 

Storing a Purple Mattress® is similar to the process of storing any mattress for a day or more. In order to protect the quality and structure of your mattress, and to protect it from pest and mold, you should store the mattress dry, clean, and lying flat. If you store anything on top of the mattress you will undermine its texture and compress it, making it less comfortable. Ideally, you’d store your mattress in an air-tight bag. But only place it in that bag when it is completely dry. If you’ll be storing your mattress in a unit, we suggest you place in on top or larger, stronger objects like tables and other furniture. 

The Advantages of Portable Storage 

When you’re moving or storing a Purple Mattress® you should consider using portable storage units. These units make it simpler for you to move or store your mattress. They offer ground-level loading and unloading, as well as easy flexibility for when you need to store your mattress for the short-term or long-term. Big Sky Box offers smart portable storage solutions. Reach out to us today.

how to move a purple mattress
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